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2018-09-25 15:00
Last week the FDA released a communication which was since used in an article on Times Live.

As part of its regular monitoring of all pharmaceutical products, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a review of the isoxazoline class of parasiticides. As part of this review, the FDA has issued a drug safety communication and has requested updates to the prescribing information of all medicines in the isoxazoline class – including Bravecto® (fluralaner) – to include information about possible neurologic adverse reactions in the precautions section. (Bravecto® is one of two isoxazoline class products available in South Africa and in addition there are two others available overseas).
MSD Animal Health remains confident in the safety and efficacy profile of Bravecto®, which has been established through comprehensive clinical research in more than 170 studies. After three years of post-marketing surveillance of more than 80 million Bravecto® doses distributed in 85 countries, the overall worldwide reporting rate for neurological signs, including seizures, remains classified as very rare. We have reviewed the reports in South Africa and we can confirm that the rate is also very rare which means less than 1/10 000 or <0.01%. If we look at all adverse events reported then the rate is rare, which is 0.01-0.1%, most of which are mild, self-limiting vomiting and diarhoea.
The background rate of epileptic seizures in an average population of dogs is reported to be 0.5% to 5.7%1, which is significantly higher than the incidence for seizures in dogs after Bravecto
® administration, which is less than 0.01%. However, it needs to be considered that post marketing surveillance is in most countries a voluntary reporting system. 
While there is an added precaution for use in dogs with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders, it is important to note that such use is not contraindicated. MSD Animal Health, in fact added this caution to the South African package insert earlier this year after a similar review by the European Medicines Association (EMA).
Nothing is more important to MSD Animal Health than the safety and efficacy of our products and the well-being of animals. We encourage all pet owners to speak to their veterinarian before making a decision about flea and tick control products. More than just a nuisance, fleas and ticks transmit disease and pose animal and human health risks. It is critical to protect pets from these parasites.
1. Uriarte A & Maestro Saiz I. Canine versus human epilepsy: are we up to date ? Journal of Small Animal Practice 57, 115 – 121
Link to the FDA article:



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3. Ask questions! Satisfy yourself that responsible supervision is provided at all times and that eating patterns and general health are monitored.
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2. Make sure your pets are flea and tick free.

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4. Socialize your pet to the attentions of strangers, especially if he/she needs grooming or medication.

5. If you are planning a long holiday, book your pets into a kennel of your choice for a weekend beforehand.
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3. Cats should be transported in suitable secure pet carriers. Never allow a cat loose in the car.
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hide under the seat and possibly escape during your efforts to extract it.

4. Leave your pets in the car while you sort out the paperwork in the kennel office.
Be ready with vaccination certificate, any prescribed medications,
the vet's name and telephone number, and any relevant history concerning the animals.

Successful boarding of a pet includes homework to select the kennel that is right for you.
The internet is awash with information but also misinformation!
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